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Welcoming the newest member of the family…

By Wateredge Inn

Have you heard the latest news on the Lake District grape vine? There is now a grand total of 446 recognised mountains in England and Wales, the last being discovered right here in the Lake District! You may be wondering how someone goes about ‘discovering’ a mountain, as though they are difficult to find in the Lakes, but this has more to do with the improvements in terrain-measuring technology compared to that of 50 years ago…

The newest addition to the family, Miller Moss, was identified by 2 keen hikers: John Barnard and Graham Jackson, known for their supportive work with the Ordnance Survey. Knowing that Miller Moss was previously thought to be 609m tall, just a meter shy of mountain-status, they set about re-measuring it with a spot of modern tech to update the books! But what does all this mean for the rest of us Lake District enthusiasts? Well it’s another box for us all to tick for now! But who knows for the future? This could be the beginning of a new trend, where more and more hills are given the status they deserve!

With August’s Bank Holiday on the horizon, a day-trip up to Miller Moss would serve to be a perfect way to spend your day in the Lakes with the family! And for the mountain-enthusiasts among us, the race is on for the bragging rights of climbing England’s latest mountain!

Once you’ve done enough exploring for the day, we welcome you to join us on the shore of Lake Windermere, for the perfect end to any adventure.

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